Zachary Levi Teases Shazam!'s DC Extended Universe Connections

As DC fans are ready for Oman next week, Star Zakri Loy has already started dropping the indicator as its signature! The movie DC is the highest in the extended Universe.

When a fan asked on Twitter on Shazim, DC joins the expanded Universe Main of Steel and Wonder Woman, Levi revealed that it is a steady effort, while the general movies are the film David Sandberg's film associated with these films. .

Zachary Levi Teases Shazam!'s DC Extended Universe Connections

"The film is completely trackable on its own," said Big, a fan on his Twitter, "he said, a little bit of fun / homemade / Easter eggs that are caught in DCEU to enjoy there. . "

When the first trailer and promotional pictures are released, the fans already saw Easter Eggs referring to Superman and Batman, and it was once again sad that Henry Cable superman could make audio in the movie. However, we have still seen that more

DCEU references are minor things such as moral things and t-shirts that show how Basket is part of a wide DCEU.

By all indications, it seems like Shazm! Who director James Van's Aquaman, who recognizes the events of the attack of Steppenwolf in the Justice League but works as an independent story about the King of Atlantis.

David F., who arrived on April 5, 2019. Sandberber's Shazm! Stars like Alder Angels, Bullley Buttson, Zakri Looj like Shazim, Dr. Thods Sabanna, James Lyon, Ancient Magician Shazam, Bracelet, Mary Mary Burm Field, Jack Dalean Gorger, Freddic "Frieddy" Fermain,

Aan Chen. As Armored Padro Panaana, Fateh Hermann Darla Dudley, as Cooper Cooper Victor Wiszes, and hit as Rosa Wezaz.
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi A2, Others to Get Discounts During 'No. 1 Mi Fan Sale' in India

Xiaomi is ready to celebrate Christmas continuing with the MiI fans released by hosting the "NO.1 MI Fan Cell" in India. Sales, which will be between December 19 and December 21, will be discounted on the Xiaomi phones list, including Redmi Y2 ₹ 9,636, MA2 ₹ 15,290, and Redmi Note 5 Pro.

During the sale of MFN in the country, discount price tags will also come with various MIT models and accessories on such an MA body-wide scale. Similarly, Zimmy has contributed to providing money and back-ups to the partners with Google, Mobic, and Patty, and providing other offers to the people.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi A2, Others to Get Discounts During 'No. 1 Mi Fan Sale' in India

After this week, number 1 MIFIN, among other attractive deals during sale, Zia has redeemed Reddy Y2. The price is started. 8,999. It's less than Rs. Y2 9999 launch price. MAA 2, which is the company's latest Android One smartphone, will also be available with a rupee. At a price at Rs 1,000. 14,999.

Similarly, the Redmi Note 5 Pro ₹ 11,969 has been obtained a discount kit before the Redeemed Note 6 Pro Pro ₹ 13,999 will be available for the last month during the launch of the launch. 12,999.

Zami has offered money with PTM. 300 Cashbacks with different smartphone models, including Redmi Y2, Redmi Note 6 Pro, MA 2, Pokco F1, Radial 6 ₹ 8,439, Reddy 6A ₹ 5,999, Redmi 6 Pro ₹ 10,899, and Reddy Note 5 Pro.

Apart from different biometric smartphones, the number 1 MIFAN cell will be discounted on MIT models. The MTV 4A Pro will be available at Rs 49. 30,999, while MTV 4C Pro will sell at Rs 32. 14,999. MTV 4A 43 will also be available on rupees. During sales 21,999.

Especially, MVTV 4C, MTV 4A, was included in this product, which had received new prices in the country last month, on recent rupees of the Indian rupee against the US dollar.

The next upcoming sale of the Fan Fan will come to the M. Physical Structure Scheme. 1,799. This scale was resumed in March, under which the BMI, muscle mass and properties are fat to measure fat. 1,999. Coupons will also be brought on sale conversion offers, and a competition to win Reddy 6A. 1 or Coupon Price 1,000. In addition, it will offer the MI's safety service which is in the beginning. 549.

There will also be Christmas special M Gift cards in the sale of MIFIN. In addition, cases and coverings will also be included for your current Zero phone. 79.

Zimeomi's special color options for her smartphone will also be featured to celebrate the Christmas season. Poco F1 Rosso Red, Redmi Note 6 Pro Red, and Redmi Note 5 Pro Red will be. In addition, the 1000 million EM Power Bank 2i Red Edition Zyomo will be available during the sale.
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Huawei announces Nova 4 with hole-punch display and 48-megapixel camera

HAVE has announced a Novo Smartphone that has circular "drilling" cut out for 25 megapixel self-cameras in a week after tapping its most standout feature.

Samsung beat the catch similar to Galaxy A8s last week, but Hollywood's phone looks a little holes for camera. We have to see if there is no effect for the quality of its image.

Huawei announces Nova 4 with hole-punch display and 48-megapixel camera

HAVE Sub-brand honor last week gave 20 honor, 20, Nokia phone looks like a lot will be common with nova. In addition to the drilling design similarly, the phone also contains 48 megapixel primary. Back camera

NOVA 4 is part of this three camera setup, but the honor has not yet shown 20 results. See contrast 20, Nova 4 is 10 and powerful by the Crane 970 processor found in Eve P20 Pro; The new phone of honor will use the new ray 980.

Huawei announces Nova 4 with hole-punch display and 48-megapixel camera

Other nova 4 springs include 6.4 inches 2310 x 1080 displays, 8GB rams, 128GB storage, one rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, 18W faster charge than USB-C, and 3,750 megabytes of battery.

Nova 4 will cost 3,399 yuan (approximately $ 490) for a model, but there is a cheaper $ 3,099 yuan ($ 450) variety which has a 48-megapixel sensor up to 20 megapixels. Convert with unit. The possibility of the phone will be followed by China and China.
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Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store

In the earliest days of the iPhone, Cydia was created specifically for jail brokers smartphones, created in Apple's App Store as a rival distribution channel. Now, more than a decade later, Cydia Founder J. "Saurik"

Freeman has decided that after closing the purchase of Under-app through the Cydia mobile store, he accepted the PayPal digital tokens issue, which "Very few users" affected by TechCrunch.

Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store

Through Cydia, users can purchase mobile software designed to operate on jail broking iOS devices, but the prisoner community has increased a small scale in many years because Apple's IOS system is more robust and It's safe.

The fact is that I want to completely close the Cydia store from the end of the year, and it has been written in a Reddit post published last weekend "After the report (until the end of this week) time-set up Was considering moving, ".

"This service reduces me money and there is nothing that will sustain me anyway: it was an important part of a healthy ecosystem, and for some time it has been able to maintain the environment. Helped to fund the small staff, but it came a great deal. How a profitable versus my mother and many people lead me to illegally lead me because of an interest in misconception. From. "

Freeman Main said that in the closing of the service, he does not actually finance his financially, because he still has to pay for hosting Archivesideia. So instead of closing the store, they decided to disable the purchase mechanism.

It seems that the Cydia Project may end up with an end to the end, but Freeman says he plans to make a more "formal" post next week so that he can proceed further to improve the PayPal problem. Specify the road map.
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Deepika Padukone cries as husband Ranveer Singh thanks her for keeping him grounded

Deepika Padon and Ranvir Singh never expressed his love with each other. See how he was surprised because he thanked him to keep his center in the last six years that he was together.

The world knows that Ravinder Singh has appreciated Deepika Padone's wife. We also know how easily tears flow. In the recently held Star Screen awards, these trends were seen by both the audience again. Speaking at the awards ceremony in Mumbai,

Deepika Padukone cries as husband Ranveer Singh thanks her for keeping him grounded

Mr. Ravinder did his wonderful beauty and announced an open announcement of his new married wife, Deepika thanksgiving and love.

He said: "In the movie, maybe I did not get my queen but in real life, I got my queen. I love you baby. In the last six years, if I've got anything, So because you have focused on me, then thank you for everything and I love you. "

If nobody ever felt, Rennifer's tagline reads 'the dream of living' on his social media pages. Naturally, he thinks the risk of starvation is life and has helped him in the process.

We took the actress after release of the film. He had won an award for the role in the film. At an award ceremony, he read a letter to his sister and his father, the legendary Shuttle, Prash Paddockon. Parents can be given to their children in the lessons of their most important life. He advised them that 100% do what they do, emotionally and always be humble in life.

It's love that both do not fail to thank each other. Speaking at a recent ceremony in Mumbai, Ravinder said that after depoting her marriage, she used to feel like a super hero and proposed her marriage. Similarly, in the recently held Nicholon Children's Choice Awards, Deepka addressed herself as Ranveer Singh Padon's wife.

This is an interesting time when any marriages are ready to make and break customized rules.
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Aamir Khan, Jackie Chan and Johnny Depp on stage together is just too much talent.

Bollywood star Amir Khan December 16 represented India at the closing ceremony of China's inaugural Henan International Film Festival.

The festival started on December 16, some of the biggest stars of different films industry were seen sprinkles. Hollywood star Johnny Depp and international star Jackie Chen.

Aamir Khan, Jackie Chan and Johnny Depp on stage together is just too much talent.

Amir acquired Jackie with her and said that she announces an announcement. In each other, there is a problem with Amir Depp and French actor Julietette Banshi, who for his role in movies such as the Unique Light of the Films (1988), English Patient (1996) and Chocolate (2000) and Bond Villin Madison Are famous

Amir's popularity in China is unusual. His film, toggle, Rs 70 crore. Made in a minor budget, went to make the date of cinematography and it was estimated that it was Rs 2,112 crore.

And its importance was released by China. By the end of his race in China, the film estimated that Rs 1400 crores. According to Chinese standards, this is an unprecedented number.

Clearly, Another Aamir was a big help in the movie China - Secret Superstar. Rs 15 crore The budget has been made, this film is Rs 977 crores. The money went on, a large part of which came from China.

It is clear that Amir is very popular in China. However, the actor does not mention popularity like movies like Digal and Secret Superstar. Actually, they believe it was 3 bids, in which Chinese Chinese listeners were first interested in it and its stars were there in an accident. In an interview with the Indian Times, he said: "My popularity in China happened to be a crash.

Many people do not know that it started with 3 Edits (2009), which by pirates to China's homes. I feel that they are really related to the education system. Then they followed their work including PO, and even TV shows Satyamev Jet. "
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Universal Theme Park Turns Megatron Into a Stand-Up Comedian

It looks like the ultimate transformers' departure Magatone has once again felt its resistance, and they are changing their "Machine Presence" with some seriously designed comedy skills.

Decepticon Universal Studios is one of the most popular attractions in Hollywood and she highlighted her release on YouTube with her gift to surprise her human guests.

Universal Theme Park Turns Megatron Into a Stand-Up Comedian

"Why did you prepare exactly like this? Will you do this?" Robot asks. When a man points to the finger in his female counterparts, Magatron says, "I do not care that it was his idea."

Comedy Gig Universal is not the only job of megawatts. Together with his colleagues, he takes part of the $ 100 million installation transformers: Sudide, who first began on three universal parks around the world in the later years of Michael B.

While the next bridal will not remain in Magnificon Forest, fans of Transformers Franchise will still be rooted to the film when the movie leaves this week.

Trace Knight (Cuban and two strips) and press secretary is written by birds of Christina Hudson, the bumble stars are starred by Steinfeld, John Sena, George LandbridgeJR, Pamela Aldonon, Jason Drucker, Abi Kien. Rachel Crow, Rakurdo Howis, and Gracie Dzienny. This is the primary element in theaters on December 21st.
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