Katrina’s advice to sister Isabelle Kaif: Keep your head down and work hard

Isabel Kaf is ready to make this Bollywood the first time with its upcoming movie time dance, which leads to Sun Puncholi Male Men.

Asabel Kaaf, who is ready to start his Hindi film with his film movie tit dance, has said that his elder sister Katrina Kaif has advised him to maintain his head and keep the film Keep in the industry.

Advertising Katrina’s advice to sister Isabelle Kaif: Keep your head down and work hard

Asabel Kaf was talking to the media after being made as a brand ambassador to Mumbai in Bandan jail. Isabel Kaif is a younger sister of the famous actress of Hindi film Katrina Kaif. Asabel said "Keep your head and work hard," asked her elder sister before advising him before starting her career in her movies.

In Time Dance, Swaz Panchly allegedly played the role of street niece and plays the role of Isabel's hairstyle Roman dancer.

Asabel "It was great" about working with Swing Pancheas. "She is really a good dancer and is working hard. We had to take a great time for the film with our Director Stanley de Costa. All those who worked in this movie were very passionate about it."

Katrina Kaif played an actor in Anand Lalai's upcoming film Zero. "I was very excited by the trailer." This photo has already been reported in error. You will see the case soon. If you do not have an account yet, register now! Sign in or register to check out this profile.

Time Dance is a dance film directed by Stanley D. Costa. This is a facility of Bhushan Kumar and Rio de Janeiro. It has led by Swaz Pancholi, Isabel Kaf and Wallacea de Sosa.

It's in the beginning of 2019.