Brad Bird Says Incredibles 2 Is Not A 'Kids Movie' And Should Be Reclassified

This Summer BlocksBacker's Offer was Pixar's Incredibles 2, a long time waiting for a family of supers. Since the movie was recently available on Blu-Ray and Digital, more and more families were killed in the summer. A fan complained to the Infidels 2 Director Brad Bird to add incredible words to a movie. Bird responded to a Twitter user's commentary, and started a wide range of conversations about medium animation.

The film is such a film that deals with sexual characters, media consumption and family themes. It can usually be seen by every age, but especially does not require excessive content cleaning because it is animated film.

Bird Bird's thread tweets an interesting conflict, many filmmakers of dynamic movies often face. Animation has long been considered as a medium for children, but there is another way to create and present a screen screen. Through the Disney / Pixar lens the lines are further faded, which often puts their movies and letters to a small audience - although most of them are not particularly "for children".

Take In 2015 While Pixar movie can enjoy children as an imaginary way to know about mind and emotions, it is about innocence and childhood loss. It is a fact that only adults can identify it, who are experiencing themselves.

Director Glermo del Toro also emphasized Twitter's conversation, explaining how animation is middle, not just a style for children and families. This is an interesting discussion, especially since the studio often cites dynamic movies as children, when filmmakers have created it for a wide audience. For parents caught between these two parties, it can be considered to show the movie for your children, it only creates for them, and looking for some other adult topics as you see.

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