Bryan Singer Banned Comic Books on X-Men Movie Set

Brother Humorous books should be brought on the set of Director Born Singer 2000 x Main Movie.

Talking with the MVV News to promote his new movie Fern Ranch, Hugh Jackson discussed Auditioning for the role of Wolverine, and talking to Marvel Studios President Kevin Faye, who was the X- Men was a partner producer. However, the actor recalled that the comedy movie that has inspired was not allowed on the set.

"The evil singer had the fact that people would think that they really wanted to hear the characters of the comic book seriously, as real-three-dimensional characters," said Jackman, "those who do not understand those comics think they think They are two-dimensional, so no [Comedy] was allowed. ... it was a fight. I never read X-Men, so people were bursting under their door ... I was studying Yes, I'm seeing these things that are spectacular, look physically.

Jack also remembered how they would end up in the franchise office often, and per ige will tell him which stories and comedy have to be read.

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