Bumblebee to Screen Two Weeks Early At Select Theaters

Transformers Spinov's offer Bobbabybe is just a month away from its extensive release, but Paramount Pictures and Hasbro is offering an opportunity to watch the movie two weeks ago.

This studio has announced that the upcoming urine on December 8 is offered a pre-sale ticket to select theaters, which participants have received bonus content and transformers. All screening will be on 7pm. Local time

BumbleBeeMovie.com as well as online ticketing sites and theater box office offices are also available for tickets for special screening, as well as to participate in the theater locations.

Sponsored Expected Speech focuses on auto boot in 1987 because he holds a girl's friend in South California. Soon, the transformer itself targets a hunt by both the US government and the unfortunately, who is making its way on earth.

Trace Knight (Quebec and Strike Strike) directed by Christopher Hudson (bird birds), Bobbleby stars, Heil Steinfield, John Sena, George Landborgz Jr., Pamela Ducolon, Jason Drucker, Abbey Coin, Rachel Crow, Rico Hughes, and Gracie Dzienny. This movie has arrived December 21.