Dark Phoenix: Jean Grey Looks Pensive in New Promo Image

Dark Phoenix is ​​a new promotional image of the Gene Gray of Sophie Turner. The fourth film of the franchise movie series of Franchise's long-term X-ray film producer Simon Canberg, alongside the brand new, alongside the brand new James McSebender, Magnificent Magnificent of Michael Faisalbird, physicist Lennifer Lawrence and Nikolas Holt, The fans will return again with the animals. The crop of numerous crops like Tai Chiriden Cyclops, Alexandra Ship Storm, Ian Patres' Cocosaurore and Jane.

To fulfill the promise of Jane's promise to complete the finish of the deep Phoenix at the end of the X-Men: Apocalypse is based on the next movie Chris Clermont's Dark Phoenix Saga, and is to adopt the print event after Fox I have another attempt. panned x male: last stand Production for nasty phoenix has agreed to be controversial, push back up after several release dates. The film's first trailer reaction was angry, but the movie's NYCC preview (a version of which was released online at the end) was quite positive. Now, marketing efforts still continue with the discovery of the new promo for the movie.

Official Twitter account for X-Men films saw a new look at Jane Gray. Whatever the picture is doing well, it is worth mentioning that far more footage is being released for Dark Phoenix, Jean has worn this pair. She is playing the same approach when she encountered magneto (with extra ovocut only), as well as during an encounter

After the release of the release next year, after the release of a February for the first time of the release, the Dark Phoenix has made the first fake film that has been officially thrown down under Disney. The acquisition of home TVs of Fox TV and film assets on December last December announced that the growth has been developed in the last few weeks and recently made a huge step forward by the seal approval from China regulators. Is. In fact, it is likely to be regular by summer, now, many predicts that in the beginning of January all legal proceedings will end. And as soon as it ends, Bob Iger and his team plan pushes final and internal production with fake movies. The New Athletes, who intends to move out of August next, is expected to treat this other than the other controversial Central Film Dark Phoenix.

Once the deduction of the deductive assets is finalized, the rights of X-Men, Fantastic Four and all their Tie's rights will be returned to Marvelo, and will be organized by Mark Studios at the Mark Field. . Mamma Mastermind is a mother about her plans about rich rollers, who is about to join the famous Franchise. While Ren Reynolds 'Deppol' will be more likely to be maximized, X-series series is expected to reboot so that it can be introduced to Microsoft that improves the better MCU portable. It should be a matter of fact, the Dark Phoenix may be the ultimate X-Men Saga film because fans know it.