Fast and Furious Spinoff Casts Baby Driver's Eiza González

Eiza Gonzalez is the latest star of Hobbs and Shaw of the first Spino-Universe in Fast and Furious Franchise. Davie Johnson and Jason Stam has made a memorable increase in the universe in recent episodes, but now the rivals will help to get more letters in the growing franchise.

Spinfen Johnson and Stam Returns back into their characters of Luke Hobbs and Deckard's Shuffle after the fans of Nitrus Infection Franchise found their chemist taste in fate of anger. For the purposes of the new movie, he put his differences and lived behind them to work together in some fashion. Details of the plot on Spinov are limited, but it seems that Idris Alba will be the main family title of the movie. Dave David Lech (Despol 2) is shooting for the last few weeks and now its cast is spreading out.

Various reports are being included in Eiza Gonzalez Hobbs and Shaw cast, which actress has already confirmed in social media. There are no details about the role of Gonzés, but this report has been noted that after joining the Universal, they are "last minute". Edgar Wright's baby is just the latest in a long line of new projects that join the Hobbs and Shaw after breaking the role for a role in the driver.

It is a busy schedule that Gonzalez has now made Hobbs and Shows in his work, which is a difficult plan to join, because he is currently in the middle of the Kanges versus Korne. Pictures of air film have shown their movie scenes, so the bonus availability had to be stabilized. Now it has passed, its upcoming film graphics will be included in Hubbs and Shows, which will include plans like Robert Zamey in Maron at the end of this year, Elita: The next year in 2020 The shot will start soon.

Now on the board with Guonzes, and given time to spend, it will not have a very little role in Hobbs and Shaw in this hope. He will join the mission: Impossible - Fast Outbreak out star Vanessa Kirby considered two recent breakthroughs in the coming Spinov, and the recent success of both the actors, to see the Kirby and Gonzesz. It's great for you. Hubby and showcase some screen time. Even though there are no details about the role of Gonzázz yet, the savings of David Johnson on social media is well documented. He has already shared the first look about almost every cast member, so he should not be surprised if he left a picture of the song after starting the movie.