God of War Art Director Puts MCU Spin on Nova

It is not yet clear that when and when the comedy book character will turn its first turn in the Nova Marul Snack Universe, Rf's patronage of art of gold of gold, golden gold, has taken herself to use her skills. Is. The cosmic hero will look like a big screen.

Upload two images of Nova Design for both Grassetti Instagram and Twitter. In this regard, The Trinity explained that the main effects of his art was the Marvel Studio Role Designer and Fantasy Artist Ryan Mining.

The MCU influence is very clear, because the nova's organization feels that it will be right at home with fellow cosmic heroes like Captain Marol and Star-Lord, while it also has unique aerobics. .

The design indicates naturally by the coach worn by the Nava Corps, but with a lot of liberties to feel mass masses - non-static red star logo should not mention the gold helmet But proud

It can be re-established that this work is not officially art, nor is a martial studio linked to the studio. However, after reviewing his Nova design, he has not made the mistake mistake, if he is interested in the job of GST.

With a design that is both familiar and modern, as long as the MCU is concerned, it is safe to say that if Grassetti's design is used in a live-live process of action, it is unusually well Will be received.