Harley Quinn's Co-Creator Loves Birds of Prey Movie Subtitle

The Journal League, Venerar Brazil may have been more than a year since the last film. The so-called DC extinct universe of movies was released, but not afraid - coming soon. Aquaman is around the corner, then shazim! We will be on the end and in the end, the woman will take the world out of the storm for a farther 1984. But it's not all. For a while, we know that a movie of birds of birds was coming - a movie that will also get Black Canary, Huntress and Harley Coin.

Realizing the film as soon as possible with the film, it was a real surprise when Margaret Robbie's full, unorganized and unmanned film title: The lover of the bird (and the fantastic freedom of a horoscope) Revealed. Of course, some titles length, as well as its readers abacked by nature.

But now, Danny, his co-creator of Harley Coupon, has approved the full title.

"I love the title of a new movie because I often feel like unfortunate and useless thoughts of everything, like the therapist pad, or introduce me to the book of Serence," Danny said in his personal Written on facebook page "So this subtitle reads me as a classic Quinnsanity. Another thing I appreciate this week."

Danny made Bruce Taimam as well as Harry Clinic for favorite buttons: animated series. The role was so popular that he would eventually jump in comic book world, and on the way, DC Pentain will become a key pillar. Their title support shows that the lover's birds have a strong handle on the role, and its fan is no reason to worry.

Harley Coin made her film debut in her upcoming film film in the 2016 squad, where the role mostly came to pass as long as emotionally linked to the joker. However, the complete title of the birdfriend's boyfriend (and a tremendous trial of a Halloween Queen) shows that Harley will learn about standing on her two feet in the film, and she will become an important reality in comic books.

Catholic Hudson's scripts have been directed by Keithi Yan, a bird boyfriend (and a fabulous freedom of a horoscope) starring Margoth Ruby, Jahanai Samuel Bull, Mary Elizabeth Winstein and Russian Perez. This will be released on February.