Here's how Shah Rukh Khan's name can help you in Syria

Here-'s how Shah Rukh Khan-'s name can help you in Syria
Shah Rukh Khan not only enjoys a huge fan following in India but also aboard. His name and fame know no boundaries. In a recent report, an Indian traveling through the war-torn country of Syria, which recently got free from the terrorist organization ISIS, revealed how taking SRK's name helped him in many situations.

The Syrian army which has taken over the country now keeps a strict tab on the national security, therefore, questioning every tourist and asking for their documents frequently.

The Indian citizen even revealed in the report that whenever he was questioned by the army and he would show all the legal documents and after knowing he is an Indian they used to question him about Shah Rukh and other Bollywood celebs. He soon realized that the Badshah of Bollywood had a fan following even in Syria. Hence whenever he was halted by the army he used to say Shah Rukh Khan and they would smile and let him through.