Hugh Jackman 'Smears' Ryan Reynolds in Once Upon a Deadpool Campaign Ad

Even though Wolverine's actor Hig Jackman considers retirement from his role, both fans and rain rallies still want to see the actor for the prohibited crosscourse with Dade Pool, on the occasion, Reynolds also called Jackson Jackson "Autonomous" "No film says Jackman's new video shows he can enjoy with the Renaissance.

After that, Jack points out that Randoms named the "sexually human year of" magazine in 2010, which was a year after meeting Jackson, which is probably a coincidence. Before the video ends, Jack tells everyone that once again Reynolds can see the Deppol and support food cancer charity, and make Rhinestone movies or worst-ever green lanterns before it. Can do it first

From December 12 to 24th December theaters are seen, once again a dead star starries Rain Reynolds, Zazz Beats, Murrina Buchers, Leslie Aggamand, Bretan Hebrandand, Stephen Coppece, Julian Daninson, Joshen Bennen, and Fred Weege.