Infinity War: Two More MCU Characters Confirmed As Survivors

Avengers-ending cliffer: Infinity War came as a lot of shock, as fans saw that some of these favorite favorite characters crushed the dust after changing the reality of the crazy Titan Tasses, the Infinity Sting Finger Image . Spider-Man, Dr. Stranger, Black Panther, galaxy's companions, wash and good eyes, half-half of the life on earth and the universe disappeared.

Today, author Brandon T. Snider rely on the release of his new Avengers: Infinity War novel Cosmic Quest Volume 2: Sharing back, sharing the picture of whose book is compatible later.

"A deadly threat was born from Brahmadi and it was completed. As a result of the terrible success of Thanos, the people of the earth are depressed and confused. Without any logical explanation in their rest, pick the other remaining pieces

Therefore, the book's reports confirm that Selvig and Darcy, both of whom were in Thor of 2011 and his screen thunder: The Dark World, saved from the intense finger finger. What's more, Capricorn with the cider, which asks "Who is Science Visitors?" It seems that a variety of types of Selvig and Darcy are putting together team together. Probably the next year will be announced, when incomplete Avengers 4 hits the theaters in the end.