John Cena's Burns Pursues Bumblebee in New Clip

Bismillab of director Trace Knight will hit the theater next month, and a new clip from the movie Spinf shows how the movie action will look.

The clip, which is available on YouTube, reveals John Jennifer's Burns through a jungle to pursue bumblebebs and firing his weapons on them. The clip ends with box so that to prevent the trees. Seeing the clip, it is clear that Knight beat movies of movies of different films, compared to the movie director of the film action scenario. Night style looks very unusual and it is very easy to follow.

Sena's role is an agent of Secure Seven, which is an extraordinary institution under which it is responsible for dealing with extraterrestrial risks. Heli Stephenfield does not appear in the Charlie clip.

On the run in the year 1987, Bombble finds a shelter in a jungle in a small California beach. Bobby (Heli Stephen Field), 18, attempts to change 18 and try to find its place in the world, Boombleby reduces war and breaks. When Charlie restored it, he quickly learns that it's not normal, yellow vv bug.

Directed by Christina Hudson from Tracy Knight (Cobb and Two Strikes), the Blueblind stars, Harry Steinfield, John Sina, George Landborgz Jr., Pamela Adulon, Jason Drucker, Abbey Coin, Rachel Do Crow, Ricoco Hosee and Grieve. Dannyney. This movie has arrived December 21.