Jordan Peele Confirmed to Produce Candyman Remake

Jordan Peble has officially added the upcoming candyman rabbit.

After confirming the earlier reports about the project, the MGM has announced that it will be partnered with the Monkey Monkey Productions' Jordan Pally and One Ransonfield, who could cooperate with the 1992 horror classic update. PE, who won the Academy Award for the best original screen, will work as One of the Outdoors's leading producers. The film will be directed by the new Dostasta (Little Woods), which will start filming for a period of 2019.

The original Candyman played Tony Todd as the default election force. The story was based on a brief story by the terrible legendary Clive Baker, the center around an American American man killed by a link around the spirit of revenge. Returning to the unfortunate and wonders of power, it comes down from a woman who accepts urban citizens in the city (who knows from candy even as she knows) save her child and save her from anger. for.