Marvel Studios Just Released An Official MCU Timeline

There is no meditation at the Wonderful Universe Universal, but at this time Spider-Man: The title card came 8 years later in a wrench to throw home as well. Since then, fans mean what they mean. But now the miracle studio has argued by a MCU official timeline.

Before Spider-Man: Domestic Arrivals, it was accepted that MCU films are in "real time". For example, in 2012, Avengers were released, so the film's events took place in 2012. Very easy, right? Well, the income reached till it was released in 2017, that the passengers had replaced it eight years ago, meaning that what came in 2009 did in 2020.

The director of Russia, who told himself that the time jump was "very wrong" and the owner of the miracle studio Kevin Fayze promised that he will soon issue the official office line. Now it is now, because the time was released as part of the Marvel Studios: The first 10 year source book (via screen retent). This timeline contains all the movies for Avengers: Infinity War and this year shows that everyone is.

The indication is very appreciated, but these things do not make clear. By 2017, we'll check everything, and things get worse. Timeline says Black Panther is a year after Captain America: Civil War ... but Black Panther is set up after a week of sixteen weeks. This film passes through the throne of death and T-Chalah, in which I have not done that people will meet the whole year.

Above this, Tony Stark clearly says that the New York war is on its mind for the past six years. If Infinity War is set in 2017, then Avengers used to fight timeline in 2011. Instant Infant War Instantly: Rangnarik understands, should Rangarkark not be in 2018? Well, there is another contradictory because Bruce Banner is hooking for two years right now, which will not work in Comingrock 2018.

The MCU is a fast growing network of films, with impression, and it is natural only to merge or lose translation like such specific details. Does it affect movies to enjoy? Of course not, but this is another thing that regrets it.

Let's say, if 3 passengers hit the elephants on May 3, 2019, Avengers 4 removes it out.

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