Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi blessed with baby girl

Actress Dhapa and her husband Angad Bedi blessed with a child on Sunday.

Engineer Bedi admits that Napa Dhapa was pregnant before her marriage
The Dhopo and Angadhi Badi closed the streets in May and there were rumors due to the wedding rumors, because Dhapa was pregnant.
But after that Napa Dupta's father was killed. Recently, the couple opened openly and confirmed that no one was pregnant before them

According to a statement issued by his publication, he saved the child in the women's hospital early morning, and both the mother and the child were children.
"doing good".

Nowadays and figs are surprised every year with their horrible marriage. He confirmed pregnancy in August, over three months
After their marriage.

"Here are the new initiatives ... # 3ofUs," Naa shared a picture in this regard, in which a happy couple is born, to spread the baby's legs.
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One of the pictures cracks the giant legs, and in a picture, he is pointing to it.

Pregnancy announcement came after months of months, and made popazzi amazing that many appearance in flow and loose clothing
The bump was trying to hide

"Ha! This forces correct," Ajanad had posted the Injam after confirming the warning.