Our baby is really lucky to have Yash as a father:He become very happy

April 23 is a day that will always be always in memory of her. And okay. "Daddy, mother and I had to travel this week and then I came to know that we were hoping. I got vacant for a moment and when I hit it, I was jumping well. I wanted to Share the moment with Yash, but he was away from Missouri and I could not reach it. When I finally did, I told him to come to the video call. "Why? Do you miss me a lot, "Yash had a quick answer.

I asked him to come online and ask all these questions, "Rica is laughing with Pandit, the day she found out that she was pregnant with her baby with a pregnant yash." When she came to the video call I asked him, "Are you ready to become a father?" He registered it with a moment and when he realized that I just said, Yash was more than the moon. In the next three hours, he returned home in Bangalore with a huge barrier filled with sweets. I can not even start explaining how it was extremely interesting. We later shared the news with our families that day, "please agree.

The fact is that Yesh always loves the children and that's why Ra'ma loved them. "When he proposed to me, Yash said the best things. He talked with a point in which he saw
Self, his wife and a rooftop, with a baby, on a beautiful beach. And the woman was in her view. He made this agreement with me, "says actor.

Since the couple find out that they are expecting, Yash is spending every trial moment with him and has not left any stone to fulfill the wishes of his women. "In contrast to the richest mothers, I did not like anything. But one day, I felt like eating coffee." The next hour, every kind of sizes and sizes of the calf The taste was placed in front of him, "he added," I'm not getting out of these days for these days, as I'm now closer to the expected date. "

Recently I just did at the same time to launch the KGF trailer. And when I got the goods for this event, I got it
Manage all scanners to switch to the building. That's what: When I leave home till I get back, it ensures that I'm comfortable every moment. "It's not all about the child that there is no room for a romantic resort." Yash recently associated Radica Maldives to a gangster.

"We had a comfortable time and on the way, I told Yash that it was possible that we would be the only two of the last two holidays.
Which he said, 'It's all when I just had to share my life with you.' Now we will become a new person to share our lives. 'I know this child is really lucky.

Yash was a great friend, a wonderful boyfriend and a better husband too. I am confident that our child will get the best prescription, "says Rajdecca, because couples welcome their child in December.