POW! Entertainment Responds to Bill Maher Insulting Stan Lee & Superhero Fans

POW! Entertainment releases a statement in response to Bel Mahir's remarkable comments about the fans of Stan Lee, heritage, and the world of comedy book. The controversial TV person shared his two cents on Lee's death last week, but instead of sending love and support message, Mahir tried to reject the contribution of author of the American comedy comedy book, and those people Have fun, who love and caring for super hero stories.

Li died 95 years of age last year, after suffering trouble related to health problems last year, which emphasized it to take public interest. After that, the Jack Creek community and entertainment industry is mourning at the loss of one of the importance of landscape of the comic book. Le colleagues and fans throughout the world have cited their respect in their own ways. Then enter Mahir, which could not take a bad time to joke the community.

Mahir picked up a huge reaction, with her many unrealistic comments faced with numerous fans and public figures. Some of the occasions did not remember the opportunity that they would like to make a short note in the Iron Man 3 (based on one of the Le Lee's creations), although their bit eventually came out of the final cut of the movie. Is. Now, thirsty! The entertainment officially answers the "hateful" emotions of Mahir. Read the complete letter of the company below:

Mr. Mahir: Humorous books, all the literature-like instruments are available. When we take great creators such as Stan Lee, they feel us, we think and teach us lessons that hopefully make us a better human. A lesson taught Stein that there was a lot of tolerance and respect from us, and thanks to this message, we are thankful that we can tell you that you have the right to comment that comedy is childhood and non-psychological. . Many people say that about Dickens, Steinbeck, Melville and even Shakespeare.

But to say that Stenen is just hate-driven people "watch a movie" in our view. Many people can recognize how Stan had read them, taught them that the world is not made of absolute, that he might be a hero and even walking can show humans to humans within their lives. He has provided us the X-Men, Black Panther, Spider-Man and many other heroes and stories that have differentiated and offered their hope to different people.

These are some of the things in which we consider Stan's fans also "make an adult" because life and child both are really struggling. Stan is the author of millions of millions of childhood memories and many of Zalmai's positive tools.

Our shock in your comment is that we have called "Nuff, Bill", but instead we will trust one of Stan's lessons to remind you that you have a powerful platform So, remember that: "Great responsibility too with great power!"

Mahir's dispute is not the first in the light of passage to Lee. Call me your name, Star Army Hammer found himself in hot water criticizing those who criticized those who had photographs with late signs on social media to remind him. According to the actor, it is not a way to promote itself. Hammer has already apologized for his opinion, but defeated Mahir followed the suit, because he has made a habit of long-term conflicts.

POW! Entertainment Stein is engaged in respecting Li Lee. Apart from managing a virtual wall where fans can present their messages and tributes, the company also said that they are planning a memorandum for artificial authors and Creator. It is hoped that Mahir will not even need weight on it, and instead, he can decide to lose in that case. They deserve their opinion, but their platforms are better than dismissing others.