Rajinikanth 2.0 out now on Nov 29, Akshay Kumar confirms new release date

Rajinkanth and Akshir Kumar 2.0 will now be in November and fight against Kadendath of Pratant Singh Rajput.

According to reports, the film involved in many VFX work was postponed. At least 11 studios work on visual effects from around the world. In the film launch of Dubai in Dubai, VFX supervisor Srinivo Mohan said, of course 2.0 undoubtedly he also works on the most challenging project.

The film has reported that Rajenkanth has played a significant role in the double role - Dr. Vasinsanj and a robot (although we still do not know what it is called). In Enthiran, the robot was called Chitti. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played interest in love in the first part and Amy Jackson would play a significant role in this regard against Rajinikan. According to media reports, Aiss played in the upcoming film to the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Richard, while Amy demonstrated humanity.