Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 creates another record, beats Baahubali and Avengers: Infinity War

Even before its release, Rajinkantha and Akshay Kumar-Starar 2.0 are on record breaking breaks. While 2.0 remains the cheapest worldwide Indian film, it is ever expensive film in the history of Indian films. And now, if the entertainment industry tracks Ramash Ball, the film has another record.

According to Balika, more than one lakh tickets of Shankar Director have already been sold in the bookmark show. Numbers, writes hair, is more than Shankar's Magom's Open Bhaboogal: Start (2015) and Hollywood Super Heroes Flickr: Infinity War released in April this year. If an average ticket price takes up to Rs 250, the film has already been added to its kitty Rs 25 crores, which is unusual, to say at least.

2.0, Amy Jackson played an important role, will never be seen before VFX. Actually, it is due to CGI's great work that the movie is delayed - it went to the floor about three years ago. The film trailer gave us a glimpse of the 2.0 VFX heavy world. However, a special part of fans was not happy. (2.0 Box Office Collection: Rajinjinth, the film to restore his entire budget in the first film of the Academy Kumar?)