Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson's Techno Love Story in '2.0'

Whoever said, the robots do not have a heart, Rajinikanth's 'Robot' (2010). The superstar's character of Chitti in director Shankar's magnum opus
really brought out the emotions and it was novel because these feelings came from a robot. They are much-anticipated sequel, titled '2.0' up up for release later

This month and the new movie features include Rajni's Chitti returning along with Amy Jackson as Nila. The new movie has a story that says robots have a heart and that
They can also have a love story. The film's antagonist, Akshay Kumar, also plays a completely new kind of character.
At the film's recent trailer launch, Amy Jackson spoke about her role. She said, "It was difficult playing the role because I am usually very animated and
Robots are not so much. Shankar sir helped me get into that zone and I had to be more reserved and actually think like a robot. But Rajni Sir as Chitti was
isrigible and he stole the show. "Shankar revealed that Amy was the right actor for the role. He said, "Amy was the perfect actor for the part because she
has the right physique to fit the suit of the robot and she is very hard working. "The romance between Amy and Rajinikanth characters will be a big
surprise for the viewers of '2.0'.
Rajinikanth revealed that it was tough playing the part of Chitti. At the event he said, "With my health issues proving to be a barrier, I have lost confidence
pulling off this role. I also told Shankar that I want to opt out of it, but he was willing to wait. During the shoot, it was a challenge to get Chitti's suit,
too. It weighs 14 kilos and put it on and playing it difficult. "