REPORT: Sony's Harbinger Film Has Found a Director

Sony wants to bring a new blood to remove its upcoming Harbinger movie.

According to this perception show, Sony Photos, allegedly blindly eye eye-catching Justin Titling, is the second part of five films planned to hold Harbor to Holminger, featuring the characters featuring characters from Walt comedy. It comes to know that the blood tablet, which indicates van diesel, is wrapped in production after extensively shot in Africa. As with the film, which was removed from the weapon by Dave Wilson, the Sony Cinema Cinema begins to stick to the universe and to build and build the universe.

The previous tattooing credit includes shorts granny and swimming air. He also directed the TB Comedy Pilot, Boncezzi as well as a Chi Chi incident. Harbor will mark your first studio feature. Nevertheless, as one of the new authors of the movie, was brought back to the project in 2017, with its most common partner, Joshua Beer-Golden. If the report is true, then the typing work on the script was quite big because Sony believes in its ability to inspire on its big screen.

After blood shot and Harbor, Sony's aim is to bring both the characters together with Harbinger Gang. Currently, there are other movies planned as part of the five films of the film, Archer and Armstrong and Schedule - although both are still in the early stages of development.

The horner movie was originally prepared to kill the theaters this year, but was finally removed from the Sony release schedule. So far, this is not the release date.