Shazam! Debuts New Movie Synopsis

For the next year, with his DC expansion Universist debut, Shiraz's first modern cinema has not come much much about the plot of adventure. Fortunately, a new recipe for the film provides more details about the movie plot, and adds the film's villain, Dr Sabanna (Mark Sourong) exercises.

How to open up with a line of opening together, syncing recipes tell that the cat batson (Asher angel) describes his own name, the shaman who changes his titles ( Zakri Larger) has the ability to change. The recipes also tell, while the cat jokes with their new powers, they will have to master them entirely to prevent serious forces controlled by the Sunnis.

With the mention of these forces, it can prove that seven of the seven deadly enemies (integration, pride, hatred, endless, greed and self-determination) are an important part of the plot of the film, they are more likely to be . The power on them is believed to be how the Inspection is inserted by the Rabbit of the Sharmz positions, from the new 52's Genesis 52 and the Geneva 52, where seven deadly enemies have played an important part in the new reality, It may be, the host for the World Conquest

We all have a super hero, only a bit seems to be magic to carry it. In cat batson (Ashish angel), running just one word - Shaz! Depending on this road, the 14-year-old volunteer child can turn into Super Spears Shakim (Zakari Levi) for the adult ancient magician (Jimone Hausa). Still in a child's heart - a distance, inside the body of God - Satan has made himself an adult to make a young man with super power: Have fun with him! Can he fly if he has an X-ray approach? Can he remove electricity from his hands? Can he leave his social studies test? Shazem has tested his limitations with a unique meaning of a child. But they will need to quickly overcome these forces in order to fight the evils of control by Dr. Theddie Saya (Mark Sungong).

David F., who arrived on April 5, 2019. Sandberber's Shazm! As stars starred as Cat Cat, Zazri Levi as Shazim, Dr. Thunderdess Shanna, Jemone Hansu, an ancient magician, Shazam, Mary Bromfield, like Jack Fillon, Jack Dalean Gageer, Fredrick "Friedi" Fraamen, Aan Chen. As Achan Channey, Jivan Armand Pedro Panna, as Fateh Hermann Darla Dudley, Copter Andrews Victor Wiszes and Mara Millions as Rosa Wezaz.