Sony Announces 2020 Release Dates for Two Marvel Movies

Sony announced two spider-man universe films in 2020, announcing that after the winom's success, Mars use the rise of the intellectual property piece.

The company announced that the first film, nominated Sony-Marvel Project, on July 10, 2020, will be the first time in theaters with another named Gold-Marvel project, on October 10, this is a result at an end of October. .

While Sony did not provide more details, a variety of explanations indicate that July's release is likely to be Maurbus. The film will starve as a title titled Spider-Weaver, as a title titled Jim Ley. In 1971, a spaghetti appeared in a wonderful spider-man in 1971, which becomes a living vampire after trying to cure blood disease. Daniel Espinosa is slated to the straight.

Meanwhile, October's history can be specified for toxic 2, Tom Hardy Adi returns as a brok / venome, and another popularly known hello.

This success has allowed Sockey's confidence to deal with the steel sales films in the spider holes, on this occasion, no spider-man is involved. This confidence appears in the decision of issuing pearls during the competitive summer month.

At this time, for the first time, Zenab will be released after the film 2, if Sony continues, Sony is likely to withdraw Franchise since this year.