Star Wars Concept Art Reveals History of Luke's The Last Jedi Arc

Though criticism was appreciated, Ren Johnson's Star Wars: The last episode has criticized the fans, especially for fans of the Phoenix Heroes, for the idea of ​​this. Some fans had been closed by them, they looked unusual as a random shift, hiding it largely with conflict. However, the new concept art from Force Forces indicates that Johnson's lord was not far from special ideas after the role of the fate of fate.

The art of self-determination, Christian Elmman, is the fantastic artist of Force Ox and Chogo One. With the latest installation of new image conflicts, picture shows long hair and a gray beard with Luke. In his title, Alzheim writes, "My first picture, which I made for Star Wars: began the force. It was of January 2013. Luke was described as a hideaway hiding from a world in a cave. I could not believe I wanted to make this photo and I got a George 'Fabulouso' on boot. "Col. Katz, who has come to know, is the epicolips of the movie, which is now the heart of Joseph Conrad's heart. Based on

Zaman claims to claim that he created Art Art in 2013, two years ago, and was released by the creator George Lucas of the series creator, which was indicated by Force Forces two years ago. One of the main driving forces behind the original change is to take on your role.

Lucasfilm's creative art manager Phil Szostak, who works on force force "from very beginning," photo joint on Twitter, art as an article through the initial ideas about role as extra tourism for Leo's idea. I found Star Wars: Last Jade. According to Szostak, the final last Jedi is according to the Lucas's view for the character of Luke in Luke.

On this occasion, after thirty years after the end of the emperor, Luke went to a dark place. He always had the darkest part inside it, his father was a daring. That's why he's really struggling with it. . "- Doug Chang, May 2013, Art of RLG Art

This preliminary reference to Luke sounds deliberately meets the final version of the role in Johnson's last jade, indicating that the director has definitely made some kind of discourse with ideas about the role that There was already a discussion on time production on new conflicts. Start.

JH directed and co-wrote. Abramas, Star Wars: Episode I. Stars Stars Radley, Adam Driver, John Boiga, Oscar Ishaq, Lopta Nongong, Domal Glennon, Kelly Mouth Train, Jonas Swatomo, Blouie Lauree, Carry Russell, Matt Smith, Anthony Daniels, With Dies Williams and Career Fisher, Named Akiey and Richard E. Grant. This movie intends to open on December 20, 2019.