Tabu: People Could Never Bracket Me As An Actor

Are you surprised by the blindness of the blind?

This is an amazing thing on any piece of art. These days, people walk from a movie in their release a week, but with blindness, I am still calling calls and messages. A lot of credit goes with serum reception and a cinematography, as they shot the film and the whole cast. The beauty of the film is over, and the options and possibilities are fulfilling its own life. As an actor, it is encouraging that the box is out of the box office. This is completely a new trend for me. The film was made on a temporary budget and was very good overall, but it is important that it is being affinced and I have not seen it with many movies and that we are celebrating. .

From Duckam to Dusham, a lot of your movies are still being discussed. Do you feel incredible?

No, it will be a very strong and dangerous feeling to solve. I felt custom and I felt the proud feeling in my options. The fact is that I was completely transferring to the process for every movie. Only wanted to do what I did. I never thought about the results. It has been said that I did not want to play just another heroine, nor did I wish to be a girl and a girl. There are many layers in a woman and I want to find them all. So my view is always different. So I think people do not consider me as an actor or a bracket. I am often telling people, 'It's done in a tomb, what's the matter?' (Swan). I always went with the flow and encouraged me.

Have you ever worried that the options you have done can not work?

I did not intend to be an actor. Everything has happened in my life. I do not do my job so much. It seems that I have intellectualized the process due to the film that I have chosen, but that's not the case. When I started, I was doing several movies at the same time and the characters were different as cheeks and cheeses. In a movie, I was playing a suicide bomber [one toe] and in each other, I was daughter-in-law [We are the South]. The amazing fact is that I will be ready to present different emotions, which also demonstrated my ability. I got punished in my likes because I knew they would work for me.

People expect more than one actress as you also have a spice movie. Does it make you incredible pressure?

It makes me cautious because in the end of the day we are working in an industry concept. If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I do not work as a standard because it is a good idea.

You are not worried about the imagination or the picture.
I think my reason is due. I have never seen the rules and regulations. I never thought that Nekaz has once again said that I have done a great job. I always wanted to express myself as an actor and never thought that to break the road. So when I wanted to play a loud and funny role like the Numbers 1 (1999), I do not think twice. And I was kidding this movie. In the same year, I had five other films and all the characters were different. But he has never seen the principles of challenging the principles or the main coach of the people, to show the divine car.

You are collaborating with your long-term friend Ajay Dagan in The De Dede de.
This is a different experience with Ajmi because it is a story of a strong love which we have tried earlier. This film explores real relationships in a bright heart. We know each other more than two decades, hence, this is a good working relationship. On the sets, it has never been a formal relationship and never seems like we are working that's good.

Next to Salman Khan
Despite featuring many films with Salman Khan, Tebo never contradicted it. This phenomenon continues, as is the auto work in the next movie of the house. "This is one of the most important scenes. If I had to do something like a movie in some movies it would be. I'm just part of a scene," it tells us, "we know each other before He also made his first, so, I would not say to him. I also know that he and Ali Abbas Zafar will not come to me for anything unanimous.