Top 5 Movies of Ranbir Kapoor Till Date

Runner Kapoor is one of the most talented actors in his generation. From the time of his first time, he has given a number of several weapons that we have considered on the stability and art of the art. They come from a family of actors and this is exactly the third generation. With the legendary actors in the family, it always became stress to prove itself and run run has given a unique example of its abilities. So far five of his best movies are seen:

Wake Up Sid (2009)

Ranbir's true success came through the movie of the coming age where he played a rich burst, who learns about life after a decent journalist. It was his first film that was successful with all the resources.

Rocket Singh (2009)

His third film of the year 2009, Rocket Singh: The salesman of the year did not succeed in the box office but praised Runner Tin and got some nominated and awards. The movie finally got a religious status.

Rockstar (2011)

One of the best works of Imtiaz Ali, Rockstar received an answer from the viewer and the criterion, but Rabi's performance was appreciated each other. They like a multi-character role.

Barfi (2012)

He has played a rock star, Cassofa, the next door and a seller, a movie that he eventually loves for the autistic girl. This film was a very beautiful picture of love stories where they really lived after happiness.

Sanju (2018)

So far, one of the best Bollywood actresses performs, Ranbir Kapoor has described the role of Sanjeet Dutt that he convinced the people that he is real. He removed various stages of his life for his 20 years and influenced the film to make the most successful movie of the year every year.