2.0 Box Office Collection: Rajinikanth's movie fails to overtake Baahubali 2's Day 1 earnings

While the Indian settlements fell sharp radar, he earned a valuable amount on his first day. Since then, it has been recorded to break. And a better film than Rajinikanin's new release, which was about to come to remove Amir Khan's film from her nipples immediately.

Thalaivar's new movie, 2.0, is really, as predicted as a success to break the record of Huston. However, it still failed to finish Baabobali: Record of the opening day of the end. The record of the most opening business with Bhubali is still maintained: the result is Rs 121 crore.

2.0 made its first day Rs 60 million, as mentioned in a report in LightMint. That means 2.0 was not only at midnight but he got Rs 50 crore. Shot before the mark of the set. The Hindi version of 2.0 is Rs 22-23 crore. Made it while Rs 18.2 crore from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Box Office. Made it. Official numbers are still waiting.

As the box office was mentioned in India, the Hindi version of 4,150 screens occupied 40%, which ran this version. While this year, some Bollywood can not be released, it is worth praising for three reasons. First of all, North India is not the leg of Rajnikekita, and it is not necessary to demand a fan. As capture takes a lot. The second reason is that many Hindi films are released