2.0 Box Office Report: 5 records this Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer smashed on first day of release

It's just a day in which Rajinikan-Akshay Kumar Starter 2.0 has released and we are talking about the film which is Rs 100 crore. Is a collection of Rs 100 crore Apart from entering the elite club, 2.0 has created new and unwanted records on the way since release. 2.0 is the first film for Rajanjee, likes the call and cabbell in the Telugu state. As the film is ready to minimize many records, we look at 5 records in which 2.0 has created in the box office submission.

2.0 is the first film for Akshay Kumar who has earned a total collection of Rs 100 crores a day. Like Gold, Padman and Jolie LLB2, their previous major releases can not achieve its achievements, which was 2.0.

2.0 The first film of Rajinikanth is Rs 26.7 crore in Tamil Nadu. Is the most opening clock with the overall revenue. The last best of Rajanakkathath was Kuala Lumpan, which included about Rs 17 crore in Tamil Nadu.

The Rajkantakhi has followed a huge follow-up in the states of Telo and in the wake of such anxiety, the 2.0-star superhar's career has become the most powerful. 2.0 has estimated about Rs 18 crore in Telgo states. The biggest part of the Rajni film is to get the share of the share.

2.0 version of 2.0 has been presented by Karnohan and traders predicted that it is Rs 20-25 crore. Can earn anywhere between And this has proved true! The Hindi version of 2.0 has put around 26 million rupees worldwide and is the highest for any famous film after Baabobali.

And now we talk about Baibabali, 2.0 has already reached Rajamali-Director. 2.0 Now the second film after Bhobali is Rs 100 crore only on the first day of release. Is a club And with great reviews and audience responses, 2.0 can be near the total combination of the basketball that we can just wait.