50 Sexiest Asian Women: Deepika tops the list, Priyanka is in second position

A list of 50 gender-based Asian women will be set up on social media and related polling series, will be issued on a regular basis next Friday.

Bollywood star Deepa Padone has put a list of '50 most beautiful Asian women' here on Wednesday.

50 Sexiest Asian Women: Deepika tops the list, Priyanka is in second position

The award-winning actors behind the recent box office, such as Pimmmut and Brivevar Ratny, participated in a list based on the UK-based 'East Eyes' week, compared to the world, indicating that the 32-year-old "dream year" The co-starring Ranveer Singh and the Ken Film Festival Wrestling included the Red Carpet.

In addition to being a Bollywood undesirable queen and a great beautiful star, what a Deeppa Padukone special really does is how big she is and how much she is adding to her spell. "This year's newspaper entertainment editor, Asad Nazir said. The list, now 15 years.

He said, "Deepika has been immensely impressed and as she poses a positive impact through increasing awareness about mental health, she is showing everyone who is new and sexy in your inner light shine. "

Last year's playman, actress Paranika Chopra, came to Delhi, because she celebrated another year for being a great global ambassador to India, including her singing singer at the end of Nick Jones in her high nipples Rajasthan. .

Television actress New Sharma came in number three because she was the most beautiful television star in the third year's list.

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Well to make @ shivangijoshi10eyehinkhhanniti_taylor it to make the top 10 for the first time in the 50 most beautiful Asian women. Look for media coverage on the list of women's 2018 list of this evening and tomorrow. # Asad NazirCC Light 2018 # Eastern ECC Lite 2018

Regarding his entry, Sharma said, "As far as I want to hide my motivation, I can not shine and smile."

Pakistani actress Mahra Khan came to fourth place and held her name as the most popular Pakistan because she was a strong strong female girl, and as a strong sign of the girl, and raising money for charity.

"I'm grateful to be a part of this list. My fan is my strength, so thank you. I think what's sexy on my own personal and I hope that what I'm starting to do, I want to continue working with whatever I do. "

The remaining top 10 of the 2018 list include Shivi Joshi (5), Alia Bhatt (6), Sonam Kapoor (7), Hina Khan (8), Katrina Kaif (9) and Natti Taylor (10). The listener is the most popular new star star, Ashok Singh (18) and is the youngest 20-year-old television actress Shivi Joshi (5) in this list.

One of the 2018 Editor's Alternative Options is Samam Saeed (19), "Continuing creative boundaries in Pakistan, talking about important social issues including women's empowerment".

The second editor is the choice, and the oldest 51-year-old actor in this list is Madhuri Duty (45).

Other shows include Hally Shah (11), Dramiam Dhami (12), Jennifer Winget (13), Erica Fernando (15), Soha Chandhan (16), Gohar Khan (17), Anoshka Shetty (22), Armani Rana Khan (24 ) Aishwarya Rai (30), Athya Shetty (31), Jamila Jamil (34), Jamiline Wallia (38), Muchaat Hayat (40), Iqra Aziz (46) and Jacqueline Fernandez (47)