5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

On this week's Comingom's Tactics Summit, the Chip Company introduced its latest Snap Dragon 855 processor, which will help many upcoming phones connect to the latest generation of 5G known cellular technology. . The biggest initial wave of 5G deployments will be possible in 2019 and 2020, and everywhere its speed is putting on the ground to drive fast and more broader wireless networks.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

While it is true that many industries will benefit from faster connectivity - Internet drivers, automobiles, virtual realities and things for internet, for a few names, more and more people just 5G networks through a 5G network Will be beneficial. Active phone After all, calvium and carriers are doing with 5G coverage, it does not mean if you can not access the network with your device.

Some companies, such as Lenovo, have already released a 5G device. US Carrier AT & T is selling a 5G hot pot router and Warez has started its 5G broadband in selected areas. Meanwhile, other companies have announced specific 5G goals.

When you can expect 5G phones, you have also announced, and did not announce even to keep tabs, even announced announcements, so far about their 5G phone plan .

Editors note, December 6: This piece is originally broadcast on October 23 and whenever 5G news and appliances are announced, it is updated.


Apple 5G is not in a hurry to start the iPhone - Do not expect in 2019 or maybe 2020. Save Headphones Jack to Exit (iPhone 7 is the first phone due to lack), Apple is usually not in the first trends to be perfect before it comes to perfecting an emerging technology. Instead prefer Remember that it was behind its competitors in making phone with 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.

So when we can see the Android 5G phone theft in 2019, Apple is not expected to embrace so soon.

Apple did not respond to the request to comment.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them


In August, Samsung said it is working with South Korean telecommunications companies to first issue its first 5G phone, adding that this device will not be the main galaxy S10. Instead, the rumor indicates that the expected counterpart of the 1010 of the tool, Galaxy S10 Plus might be. The country is expected to deploy its 5G network around March 2019.

Meanwhile, Samsung will release several 5 G phones in the US. The ATO announced that it will take Samsung's five G-phones in the second half of 2019. Variants and Sprint also confirmed that they would partner with the phone maker to launch 5G phones next year.


Google has not planned its plan for 5G, and the company refused to respond to the comment. We know that in the beginning of 2019, Verryn plans to plan its 5G network as other actions.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

What is the need to do with Google? Over the past few years, Google has fixed the Variance as a special private partner for Pixel phones for Pixel phones, even though the company also sells the phone to Google or its WiFi network. does.

This means that Google's next flagship, potentially called Pixel 4, can be a 5G phone. If it sprouted a minor phone with a launch schedule, then the first half of the year - Pixel will be the first time at the end of October 4, 2019.


In August, LG confirmed that its first 5 5 phone sprint will start "in the first half of the first 2019," as Sprint launched its 5G network. (FYI, Sprint is expected to be soon with T-Mobile - a move whose carrier speed analyst Okola said "The result of an unusual network may be the result of 5G.")

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

John Todp, director of product portfolio for Sprint, just said that this device will be a premium phone. Recently, Deputy Speaker of the 5G Development Spokesman, Spoken said, the phone would have a clear look and "You know it's 5G device."

Lenovo / Motorola

In August, Lenovo revealed a Motorola Moto Z3, which is 5G type. It only connects to 5G with thick mode modular devices, which is behind the phone using magnetic pins. With the mode, Motola says the phone will provide 10 times faster data than the 4G LED devices. Unfortunately, the mood wants to come out of the beginning of the next year, and we do not know how much it will cost.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

As a Motorola phone, which does not require 5G devices to connect, the company is working on making such a device, but you have to wait longer. The phone will be very high after the first year of 2019, "said Modola Mio, director of the Technical Sales and Molola Mobility, operations. More specifically, Michau said it was "at least for three years, but not yet time."


During the Mobile World Congress in June, Hovie promised that its first 5G phone would sell "before the end of June 2019". After that, its first 5G crane modem and processor will be released in March 2019. The company has confirmed that 5G phones will also be a folder screen.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

It is unlikely that the phone will come in the US. They had a threat to the Department of Defense, the US government banned the sale of airplanes on U.S. military base and in March, the retail wall sold them the best buy.

It is not even at the end of the suppression and its 5G conquest, though. The spokeswoman said at the beginning of this year, "Our products and solutions are used by hundreds of millions of consumers in large carriers, Fortune 500 companies and more than 170 countries around the world." "We have won the global value of trust in our partners in China."

One plus

In October, a Plus CEO Patro Luou said that its first 5G phone will first be available to European carriers.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

After a month, Qualulus confirmed that one plus would really sell 5G phones on the 5G network of UKEE's UK. The network will visit 16 British cities in 2019, starting with London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfastfeld, Birmingham and Manchester.

The 5G phone is up to 2019 and it will run on the latest Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset. The phone will not be a part of the main flagship line of WinPlus. Instead, it will be a separate phone, which will be benefited especially in the high speed network. However, it is hoped that at any time the variants are not expected to hit soon, but it is expected to cost more than previous epic phones.


Although Nokia is not a Nokia phone, 15 years ago, it is still taking steps 5G. In July, he announces a $ 3.5 billion partnership with T-Mobile, which has benefitted the T-Mobile's 600 megapixel spectrum to return its 5G network. This contribution is expected to be 5G phones in 2019.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

Nokia also wants to benefit from 5G in other ways. In addition to Qualcomm and Ericsson, the company has 5G technology patent rights, and every 5G smartphone is ready for $ 3.50 for sale.


While the future of ZTE in America has happened in the air, due to its recent (so far) ban because the company violated commercial sanctions, we know that the Chinese phone company is working on a 5G phone.

5G phones are coming. Here's a (probable) list of them

In February 2017, the company deleted its gigabit phone, which had to get 1 GHz per wireless wireless connection (50 times faster than the average cellular speed in the US). But the phone was shown to MWC Trade this year that there was a way to stop manufacturing 5G of this year - it was not a real phone but also its concept.

In this year's MW, the company said that at the end of 2018 or at the end of 2019, the purpose of the land is 5G phones, but after the prediction of "late 2019".