Aamir Khan, Jackie Chan and Johnny Depp on stage together is just too much talent.

Bollywood star Amir Khan December 16 represented India at the closing ceremony of China's inaugural Henan International Film Festival.

The festival started on December 16, some of the biggest stars of different films industry were seen sprinkles. Hollywood star Johnny Depp and international star Jackie Chen.

Aamir Khan, Jackie Chan and Johnny Depp on stage together is just too much talent.

Amir acquired Jackie with her and said that she announces an announcement. In each other, there is a problem with Amir Depp and French actor Julietette Banshi, who for his role in movies such as the Unique Light of the Films (1988), English Patient (1996) and Chocolate (2000) and Bond Villin Madison Are famous

Amir's popularity in China is unusual. His film, toggle, Rs 70 crore. Made in a minor budget, went to make the date of cinematography and it was estimated that it was Rs 2,112 crore.

And its importance was released by China. By the end of his race in China, the film estimated that Rs 1400 crores. According to Chinese standards, this is an unprecedented number.

Clearly, Another Aamir was a big help in the movie China - Secret Superstar. Rs 15 crore The budget has been made, this film is Rs 977 crores. The money went on, a large part of which came from China.

It is clear that Amir is very popular in China. However, the actor does not mention popularity like movies like Digal and Secret Superstar. Actually, they believe it was 3 bids, in which Chinese Chinese listeners were first interested in it and its stars were there in an accident. In an interview with the Indian Times, he said: "My popularity in China happened to be a crash.

Many people do not know that it started with 3 Edits (2009), which by pirates to China's homes. I feel that they are really related to the education system. Then they followed their work including PO, and even TV shows Satyamev Jet. "