Kangana: Won’t do promotion of Manikarnika even if one labourer’s money remains unpaid

Kanana Ranaut will be seen next day in Manikarinka, to play the role of Rani Lumbambi's role. However, with a portion of his staff, their money can not be paid for distress, the actor said that they would not participate in the promotion of all the laborers when they approve them.

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Kangana Renault was speaking at the Chop event event held in Mumbai. (Photo: Verander Chola)
Actress Kungna Rana, who is preparing to release her next film Manikarnika - Jasanthi queen, says that the actors have unnecessary attention and importance in the film industry.

Kanpur was talking to media at Chopard's event on Friday in Mumbai.

Maninkika - The Queen of Joshani, which is in the later stage of the plant, is now facing anxiety of a part of the staff, which is troubling their goals with the promise of October, still remains uninterrupted. . Then the workers decided to contact FWICE (Western Industry Cine Employees) to help them.

Talking on this issue, Kangana said, "It is very sad. I have always fought such practices." I doubt that laborers and technicians really are missing the film industry. I do not know why film film industry I only get unnecessary attention and importance, and because of that, I also want to be a technician. "

"I feel that they are absolutely exposed. I want to present in direction and writing because they are the inevitable hero of the movie industry."

The Congress also added that issues like non-payment of matters can not be tolerated.

"When such work is done with the workers, it can not be tolerated, but I have been promised by the makers of the film that is not such a thing." He told me that he was a salesman. And they are interacting with it because they do not think they should pay as much as they are demanding maximum. "

Kangana Renault further said that he warned the filmmakers that they would not promote the movie so they could not succeed in solving the problem.

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"I warn the filmmakers that if this happens then I am going to be separated from the movie, although I have given 300 days of my life.

"I told them that I will not go for launching any promo and I will make sure that I will not promote the movie even if a laborer is trapped, but he Zoo studio is a huge studio and has a good reputation, so I'm sure we do not have any complaints. "

Manantika: The queen of the Jhardi is a historical biological film, based on the nature of the romantic sunlight. It is directed by Krishna and is produced by Jamal Studios together with Kamal Jane and Nashish Strip.

Kangana queen plays lymphatic. This film will be released January 25.