After Jersey, Nani to team up with THIS star director for his next? Read on

Natural star Granny is shooting for upcoming sports drama jerseys, which are directed by Gothic Tannoriori. Jersey actor Sharda Surath of Jersey Canada is also starring as a leading lady and will be music by Tamil Sensor Anirsh Ravindender. And although it is in progress, reports are making such steps that Granny can work with a star director for his next movie. According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, actors will join Vikram Kalam Kumar's hands, who have directed films such as Isaac and Manam.

After Jersey, Nani to team up with THIS star director for his next? Read on

The report also shows that Granny was very impressed with the role whose character came out and moved forward. It is also said that Granny will start shooting for the movie when he will finish the movie of Jersey. It will only be in 2019. With this granny, Vikram Kumar hopes that the filmmaker has used various articles with different articles. Movies with great success.

Earlier, it was expected that Vikram Kama Kumar could meet Potato Arjun, who was seen in the Neo-Surrey Surya. However, allegedly collaboration did not work for unknown reasons and director contacted Granny script.

Many reports were present that Alo Arjun, Vikram Karam Kumar, would soon go to the floor. However, it shows that Abu Arjun will work with Arunha, director of Tractorik Srinivas. Actors work in the past with Tikakkaram on two movies.