Alexa can now arm your home security system — including Amazon’s Ring Alarm

You think Amazon's home-security system and Amazon smartphone will work together mentally, right? You will be the most wrong - but today, the company to tie you together, by handling the hand, unarmed, and some ring, ADT, Honeywell, Fly, and Scout's security system together. Another little step is taking. to do so.

And since I had recently purchased color alarms for my own house - Dann had reviewed me - I decided to give this afternoon a afternoon this afternoon.

Alexa can now arm your home security system — including Amazon’s Ring Alarm

This is very easy integration, honesty. You install color skills from the Skill Store in your Alexa app, make sure that Alex can see your alarm system, and then you can use the following commands (in the US):

  • Alex, Arm ring
  • Alex, home / set color on the way
  • Alixa is a armed ring?
  • Alex

Alarm is waiting for connecting to the base station and tapping on the button, instead, there is no guess to be a way to tell your door. Or window sensor has been trapped.

You understand, the disintegration command only works, if you actively activate the sketch settings page and also say your pin that he understands, because you do not want to be the thief that you Out of the house "Marking the Alex, Dorm Range".

Amazon today announced that it opens with its Security Panel Controller API as well as other device manufacturers, so you might be able to verify this list of alarms that support it.

Amazon is still offering its alexa guard feature, in which Alexa has given the ability to listen to glass mirror, or to hear smoke alarming, and still warn you. It will also be easy for color owners, as the color does not yet offer window break sensors.

If you can also do an executive guard, you want to sign up for notifications about it, you will be able to report it to the Alixa app> Settings> Security> available when available.

If I did not indicate that I would be negligent. Even today, apart from each other, the limited colors that color can work with Amazon sound assistant today. You can ask Alixa to show the video feed of your Ring Durble on an Eco show or Fire TV (which is not a special feature of color) and as an extension as an extra door chamber Can also use