Apple is shutting down Apple Music’s rarely-used Connect feature

Apple is trying to create something social network inside its music app. The company has told artists that they can no longer post content to the Apple Music Connect section today. This page on confirms the change, that "related to artists is not supported." Credit to 9 to 5 mA to report progress.

When he introduced Apple Music in WWDC 2015, Apple dropped the connection as a unique event to composer musicians and their fans and a stable feature of service. Jimi Ivanov connected to Bill Apple's music as one of the three major pillars, with others being Streaming Music Service and Beatas Radio.

Apple is shutting down Apple Music’s rarely-used Connect feature

Evening said on the stage, "It will be very powerful for the musicians." "Can you imagine and the artists are coming and share their music on the largest platform in the world that people are already?" Here's a promotional video on this feature (though Apple may not be surprised if Apple pulled it out from YouTube).

Eddy Cove decked in the stage to talk to the connection in his disclosure. The music is no stranger to freely free and free the fans, Deck made almost such sounds like working on the project. "We encourage you to spend time on your work body. Spend time on your crafts, gather the right body of work." Deck said "and you can post them to all these different and sometimes confused places. Instead, it remains in one, very convenient, very convenient place, and it is connected. "He further said" this approach is how we have broken in 2008, and it is completely and Apple has been simpler, simple, by great people. "" This is the only thing that makes everything easy for modern musicians and modern music users like you. "

Apple has a status of a unique feature, in which the artists have allowed fans to upload music, videos, pictures, lyrics, and other content directly to fans. Apple
Apple clearly wanted to connect to some kind of SoundCloud and Twitter Hybrid. You can imagine artists to send visual studios, alternative lyrics, demo recordings and outdoors, or scenes from behind in any number of other items to come back to fans. Users can like and comment on the content, and the social component of the connection reminds the iTunes Ping initiative regarding many diseases that Apple abandoned two years later in 2010.

Apple is shutting down Apple Music’s rarely-used Connect feature

Like ping, the connection is never really caught. Some high-tech artists initially posted it, but activities after the initial geography seemed to be a flat line. With Apple 10's 2016, Apple removed the dedicated connect tab from the Apple Navigation bar, which was a clear sign that the company did not expect or did. And now it's going away completely. Apple says it plans to remove all connections for artist pages and your Apple Music section. If you really like the band you're really interested in this feature, next year you will be able to find those positions next year. But all new connections are kept today.

It may be possible to continue using the Apple Connect section, which is already hidden slightly, for its own post. But the artist was using the whole pitch, and ended up with it.

With connections on the way, Apple has indicated about Apple's music artist's pages and artist radio playlists that "it will help to focus on artists and improve them from fans." When you think of this kind of way IUININ, WHO, and the rest remaining on the connection when it starts. Apple Music is not going without any social element; You can see how friends listen to the service and sharing the playlist, for example.

Apple Music is a great (like "Revolutionary") is playing on the music floor, and sits 1 radio is still far away. But the service has officially lost one of the three things that Apple said it would make the best choice on the market - even if very few listeners will get information.