Apple's Self-Destructive Qualcomm, China Strategies

Due to the reasons behind the Apple Fight against the Revolution, the cause of President Trump has been set up to find a wall. Too many things that think of the walls - including China, which is the largest - knows he really does not work. Unless you can afford this person, people will get more or less of it.

Nevertheless with drone attacks in development, before anyone finds out how to take humans to drone attacks (or they only buy or rent more likely, one of them ).

Apple's Self-Destructive Qualcomm, China Strategies

So why does the tramp really want the wall? It is likely that it will be called "the wall of the trumpet" and it can be seen from space. This trumpam will become a memorable monument effectively - you know, that man puts his name on all its features and will be shot on a movie.

Apple will almost almost impossible to work almost recently that the first generation of iPhones sold in China to violate two patents. Perhaps taking a page from President Trap's book, the company claimed that he had already done it - but a new iPhone could pick up and see, no, no.

If you look into this matter, you will find only one reason why Apple's new phones can not be blocked because they did not exist when Qualaul filed their complaint. It is obvious that you can not complain about theft before it is actually done, even if it is obvious that it is also. Looks like in the last century. The sudden movie report comes to mind ... Anyway, Qualaam has moved to fix it. Not that it's really because of the matter, apparently, you can not remove the iPhone in China right now.

I will examine the Apple versus Volumeum and will be close to my weekly product: Fox Support Support.

Why Apple Heights Rules
As a illegal immigration solution, building trump does not make the wall feel, because it will not work. Similarly, there is no reason for Apple's reason to go after the Qualification. If Apple is negatively affected by Qualcomm overcharges, this trillion dollar pricing was not the first (which was not for a long time). In a market where margins are usually 17%, this will not cost a 42% hit.

I have remembered the old joke that this man is being pulled out for speedily, "Officer, I could not be sharp - but I passed a man a few miles before who was!" The maximum number of companies in the telecom industry is okay to prepare a comprehensive infrastructure so that customers can focus differently.

Comparison of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G cage, addition to things like imaging and music, ensures that smartphone users have to upgrade their phone at least for every 10 years, to earn revenue Ensures (and this is an industry that lives on phone injury). Qualulum is a good deal of engines that make everyone including Apple, Money.

So Apple hates Qualcomm so much that he wants to get out of business? This is because Apple uses a strategy in a loop, where it is painful to remove it once on the Apple platform. Most smart Apple users actually use Google Apps and Google's infrastructure and other third-party tools on their iphone, so if they want to move to an Android phone, they almost almost rarely Can move However, it is always an assurance that an Android phone is also to move.

Since Caucasus ensures that anyone can make a decent smartphone, Apple wants to kill the company. In this way, Apple's competitions will not benefit from Qualcomm's technology. Or, put it separately, because the techno-technology technology raises all the boats, and Apple just wants to be a boat, wants to go to the coronum.

Why it will not work
Apple's strategy is foolish because there are two major reasons. One is that the companies who are trapped in this lock are generally used to use their power and use their money for money. Apple is clearly doing this, and this is proof that 42% marks in 17% margin market.

Apple is giving milk to nearly 3,000 customers as almost any other firm. It's at any scale, maximum, and the company is not yet a complete lock. Although you may be willing to pay for a smartphone more than a laptop (as I do not have any feelings) do you want to spend more than a car for a smartphone? It feels like a defeat, especially when there are such institutions that do not spend money to advance their products in such a way.

Remember Microsoft Internet Explorer, with 94% stake, but then stopped product development. IE is too dead today, and the browser is largely owned by Google.

Secondary reason it will not work moderate laws. The standard oil, RCA and AT & T have gone all over again, now. (Today's AT & T