Aquaman: How James Wan Convinced Nicole Kidman to Play Atlanna

Nicole Kidman, a winner of the Academy Award, has acted a long and diverse career, but as a queen of Atlanta, Akshan's upcoming universal film, his role was due to his interest in director John Van.

"I knew that James Van really was something to be interesting and really fun and I wanted to work with him because he started with a low budget fear in Australia and I followed his career. . " With different types. "I do this with directors.

Aquaman: How James Wan Convinced Nicole Kidman to Play Atlanna

I follow some directors, so I follow James. And then he showed me some drawings [he was doing], and he said, 'Look, that is the reason That you have to stay in the movie, because I want to see it like you. ' '

Kidman marks the mother of Atlanta, the Queen of Atlantis and Orthur Cri and her half-brother, and mother. Amnesty B was a Atlanta child with a Longing House.

Thomas Craig from Massachusetts. The child, who was half Atlantine and half-person, was secretly picked up until Atlanta had returned both Atlas to Thomas and his son, where he used to marry and his second son.

James Van, Aamman by Ajman stars, Amber Sond by Ajanaman stars Jason Momova, Patrick Wilson marine master, William Dapho as William Dapho, Black as Aiah Abd alien II, Thomas Crais as Timorora Morris, Kidman as Dolphin Grenzes Nurses and Nicole Queen's Earnings. This film has opened on December 21.