Aquaman Reels In $200 Million Internationally Before U.S. Release

Before the visit of his state, the aggression dominates the International Box Office. After taking about $ 94 million in the last weekend at the China Box Office, the film has gone to open in other international markets, which got $ 27 million in international box office this weekend. Is.

So far, Akman is currently sitting $ 179.1 million dollars, with which 28 markets are not yet to open. And when the film's first box office has been estimated that the film is coming to the opening of about $ 65 million in the state government.

Aquaman Reels In $200 Million Internationally Before U.S. Release

Aquaman has already shown strong interest in the public, Ecuador's pre-release purchase Pulls before: Infinity War and Black Painting atom atomic tickets.

At the end of his second end in release, Oman just rose to $ 147.4 million in China. This movie took more than $ 24 million in the Middle East, which will help push the film before the $ 200 million mark internationally.

After the influence of Akman's international bow, the Chinese release of the film was made the most impressive by the fact that the film refused to declare 45 percent in its second place, It will continue till the next few weeks.

Looking at the international success of the film, and running its successful state run, it seems more likely that a link is not far away; and with this, it is an announcement that the directory James Van will be back in the next phase.

James Van, Aamamanian by Azaman stars Jason Momova, Mary Marie as Amber Sond, Patrick Wilson marine master, Neighborhood as William Duffo, Thomas Murray, as John Mathen, John Murray as Thomas Murray, Dolly Lindrrrens Nicole Kidman as Nervous and Queen's Assistant. This film opens on December 21 across the country.