Avengers: Endgame: Robert Downey Jr. Might've Revealed Tony Stark's Fate

After seeing Tony Stark, the final message is provided with a ship, where he has been away from the death apparently for a period of six hours:

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Avengers: Endgame: Robert Downey Jr. Might've Revealed Tony Stark's Fate

Now, Robert Downey Junior has shown an important indication of the Iron Fate's final destiny in promoting a new Audione GT GT Fantasy Car in a commercial analysis.

In advertisement, Audi's head design, Downey chat cars with Mark Litch. When Downey Junior says "When he needs to run a new model," Lichte points out, "you've already tolerated it!", Iron Man actor watches on the camera and says, "Well, I mean ... In the spring of 2019 Toni Stark in the outdoors in theaters 4, I did, but it's us now friends."

To judge his emphasis on release of the film, she wants to make it more clear that she and the car will be shown to both. And it's hard to find that Audi car vehicles have been published in a martial studio. Downey's Stark has implemented a few of his foundations in iron cars, especially Iron R8, Iron Man-in-law films, and in the martial cinema Universe.

Since Tony Audi can not go to run, it can be reported if he dies in space. On the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities for the scene to appear in a flashback or dream setting. Instead of being at the beginning of the movie, Tony's horizontal space trip may also be before it comes back to the ground.

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