Avengers: Infinity War Director Explains How the Soul Stone Works

Avengers: The director of Infinity War, which describes how Russia works Inf Stone Gauntlet's stone - both the war and the outside. He and his companion Anthony Russia revised his summer blockbuster on a special Q and A Infinity War screening, during which he touched new light on the development of film plot and details of the rear scenes Presented.

The Holy Stone was the most mysterious of all infinity stones before the release of the movie. On the contrary, for example, the time stone or brain stone, in the previous film, we had to face the stone stone, and it was not clear where it was or how it worked. Thon finally found on the South Stone Planet Warrior, and decided to kill her, daughter Gonora. Regardlessly, we were also reunited with Captain America: The first award was the wolf red skull, who was shadow of his own self and was charged by looking at the soul on stone.

Time stone can be used to return time, and the fact can be used to change the fact of the rock, so it is easy to find out how these samples can be devastating in the war, but the power of the soul What is it? According to the collider, Russia has ratified the point of view during Qayyazim:

"Spirit stone shows that your soul, whatever you are, is the ability to harass you. An important moment where it is used, where Dr. Strange turns into multiple circles and then Thanos all fake The soul uses stones to eliminate the circles. It is strange to bring out strange, strange things out of its own body ... indeed when Thanos when the soul goes to the stone itself, talk to his dead daughter. To do, they have the ability to showcase, the praise of the spiritual representation of those people is dead. "

The soul of Gonora is actually trapped in the name of the soul world, a pocket dimension held inside the soul stone. After completely eliminating the half of success in the universe, Thanos visits the Spirit of the world and seeks to find young Gamora waiting for him. He asks if he fulfills his purpose, and he says what he did. Then he asks, "What is the price?" - From which argument Totos replied, "Everything." Some fans have concluded that Gamurora is still present inside the Spirit Stone, which means that they can be resumed in the next year Avengers. Another popular theory is that the characters "die in the" picture " The souls are trapped in the world with Gonora.

Russia said during Q & A that the discovery of the soul stone was with "the most difficult story"

"When it was really, on the occasion where we decided that the movie was Thesey's film, we needed the lowest moment of the film, so when we developed the South Stone story. How can we create pain? How can we fight it so that they may go on the journey during the movie. "

The stone of the soul still remains in Infinity Gauntlet, but Gauntlet was permanently damaged by the devastating effects of Thanos's image, so it is not clear that Titin still has its full impact in its next link. Will be able to use. Yet, the stone of the soul is one of the most interesting and mysterious infinity stunts, and it is difficult to believe that we see all its secrets and still use it.