Badshah: The imperfection lies in the way society perceives things

Rapper and musician Badhash has steadfastly described finding perfection rather than individually reflecting through his songs.

While getting physical completion, social media check-in is a major driving force for the young generation, the rapper and musician Badhsh made fine statements by singing instead of completing the individual's satisfaction. Are there

Badshah: The imperfection lies in the way society perceives things

Whether they are verses like verses, "Elohala" car guide trick "by means of" writing remem ", or" children should be taken together with raw and good things to do with your body / sexy ". Singing" Tafia ". Otherwise, the cloud opposes women to objection to organizing, in which the Bollywood item is a common practice in song lyrics.

It has been said that if there is a mistake, then it is the mental effort of the society, Badshah told the ISA here: "Never can a woman ever be innocent In reality, not only women, I say that a living creature is not fair. God has made us all in a special way, and we are all unique. I have no reason to find any mistake. I do not see. "

"So, I can write songs such as 'wrong looking', because there is no fault! Unhappiness is in the way to understand the society. Trust me, the person who has his heart Saves, loud and dance laughs, like no one is watching, she is beautiful and does not make any difference. "

Buddha recently collaborated with the UN for the international music group to "How We Do" with Pepsi India.

He said: "When I see these children, I am very happy to know how they live. They have nothing to do with their mind and their mind is very neutral. They enjoy the smallest things. After arriving at the hotel, they used to look at the sunset, encouraging and encouraging them to make new food here.

"For me, a sunrise in Mumbai, traffic in the first place, and everything is very common, but later realized how much they encourage them about life. The fact is that we are always like this Because life is a gift ". He also said that many songs, such as "Now You Are Shouting," and "Swollen Lee".

"I think yes, when we are young, we encourage all of us about life and slowly, when we look, after one perspective, we become a little bush." I offer a new perspective in collaboration with. I think I forgot to do things that make us happy. As I'm constantly playing music, I think I'm more technically I am getting

"Try these things for me mainly to return and fail to change myself again," a smile of "mercy" smiled with a smile.

"Yes, there was a time when I did some vocational vocabulary and they did not satisfy me as an artist. And I will not refuse. As an artist, I am emotional and honest, But we have to think professionally practically. Not because I did not hurt. I can definitely admit that when we talk about music, as a industry, save money There is no need for money and there is no mistake. "

It is painful if artistic and artistic, as an artist, does not appreciate the majority of our artistic works. But there is no difference in denying, "Rapper said that the big screen promotes the desire to see itself.