BlackBerry Makes Autonomous Vehicle Play

This week, Blackberry introduced its new Security Credit Management System.

SMSMM - A free service for public and private sectors - can motivate efforts to develop autocomplete and connected vehicle pilot programs.

Waterproof, Ontario-based Blackberry, which has been built before its business built around mobile handsets in recent years, this technology's development safeguards the infrastructure for vehicles and traffic lights. Presented to exchange information.

BlackBerry Makes Autonomous Vehicle Play

The service will be combined with Inaesta Ottawa to see its first use, where it will be used in the track of a 16-meter meter car, which means small town-like, foot-marking, traffic lights, blocking marks and Stop pedestrians.

Blackberry said it would waste any service fee for this new product. The company is likely to get the confidence of automobiles and as well as the local governments that are involved in the development of the smart city infrastructure.

During a press call on Monday, BlackBerry head marketing officer Mark Wilson said "Vehicles need to be safely communicated with the flow of other vehicles, infrastructure and smart devices."

Blackberry asserted that future future of automated vehicles will trust the infrastructure that will require security. Security is an area in which the company has acquired force, even as part of the mobile device market has decreased.

"We're focusing on saving everything connected, whether it's a car or a whole city," Wilson added, "Blackberry's effect in transport never happened."

Secure V2V communication

Security among the vehicles will become increasingly important, as connected vehicles use different applications for exchange of information, according to US transportation, road infrastructure, traffic management, and other data Information such as ship sensors can not always be searched for.

The SMMM, based on Blackberry's certificate technology, is designed to present a safe and reliable host Public Cable Infrastructure (PPI) by an organization or even a whole system. Can manage certificates.

Blackberry said that the system is designed to scale the national and well-supported local deployment, which allows OEM and as well as government officials to make sure that the company's vehicles What is described as a cloud-based service for vehicles, issuing the basic structure (V2X) certificate and permanent management of life.

Blackberry CEO John Chen said, "The future of autonomous vehicles can not be felt as long as intelligent transportation could not be found."

He further added that removing such obstacles like security, privacy and costs, we believe our SMSMM service will help speed up smart and affiliate vehicles pilot programs around the world.

Ottawa and outside

Through Blackberry's partnership with Investment Ovas, the first pilot program will be the first private AV test start from the beginning of the next year.

Test tracks will use emerging technologies, including existing city infrastructure, such as traffic lights and hiking routes, including 5G networks.

"Our integrated public and private AV test tracks are equipped with GPS, DSRC, WiFi, 4G / LTE and 5G, this kind of first in North America," Kelly said, director of CVV ​​program of investors. AV test environment ". Ottawa.

"We look forward to improving global security and analytical capabilities in modern institutions, firms and areas to speed up the safe deployment of AEEs, Intelligent Transport Systems, and Smart Cities."

From this pilot program, Blackberry encourages other companies and communities to take advantage of free SCMS service.

"What we are doing today is increasing the market for the associated car pilot," said Jim Alfred, head of the certificate for Blackberry.

He further said that aim is to encourage working with BlackBerry and OEM BlackBerry.

Security demands

A connected infrastructure can really get great cities and autonomous vehicles and therefore increase safety. However, security will become more important, as a weak point in the system can open the hackers' door.

Andrew Andal's Principal Analyst said, "There are security about the verification, not the operation."

"After contacting a smart city, you can reduce working costs, reduce traffic, improve better police through better transfer," he told Titan News News.

"But if the system is dangerous to hack, suddenly the potential lives follow these benefits in the risk of risk of danger, and traffic lights, utilities and police are stopped - or worse, change weapons."

"Blackberry SCMS is designed to ensure the benefits of the previous tenure