Box Office Report: Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0 beats Sarkar and Kaala on first day in Tamil Nadu – here's how

It's almost 2.0 mania and at this time social media will not die by insane at any time. Rajanakkh's expensive budget budget is going on at the box office and drives previous releases for their money. 2.0 After getting Vajar and Rajjikk's own bowl of Vaj, Tamil Nadu has become the highest ground. The film went up to Rs 31.62 crores before Tamil Nadu in the Rs 33.58 crores.

The next one is the biggest difference and Rs 15.07 crores. Surprisingly, Sammakkakin's Sma Raja also inaugurated the inauguration day of Rs. 13.50 crores. Sanaa Sardha Kotm is the tune of Rs 7.24 crores on the fifth position. 2.0 The first day combinations were revealed after 2.0 is now declared as a block bed hit.

Earlier, commercial experts have predicted that 2.0 to Rs 60 to 75 crore, including every three languages. Can get the overall collection of. But the latest reports are going on, this film can earn more than that number and can become a block bed in all languages. As just about the first day collection of about Rs 35 crore. The summary is now, this number can still go to get out of data that is still in the ticket windows in the country or by the Tigers.