Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store

In the earliest days of the iPhone, Cydia was created specifically for jail brokers smartphones, created in Apple's App Store as a rival distribution channel. Now, more than a decade later, Cydia Founder J. "Saurik"

Freeman has decided that after closing the purchase of Under-app through the Cydia mobile store, he accepted the PayPal digital tokens issue, which "Very few users" affected by TechCrunch.

Cydia closes purchases for its iOS jailbreak store

Through Cydia, users can purchase mobile software designed to operate on jail broking iOS devices, but the prisoner community has increased a small scale in many years because Apple's IOS system is more robust and It's safe.

The fact is that I want to completely close the Cydia store from the end of the year, and it has been written in a Reddit post published last weekend "After the report (until the end of this week) time-set up Was considering moving, ".

"This service reduces me money and there is nothing that will sustain me anyway: it was an important part of a healthy ecosystem, and for some time it has been able to maintain the environment. Helped to fund the small staff, but it came a great deal. How a profitable versus my mother and many people lead me to illegally lead me because of an interest in misconception. From. "

Freeman Main said that in the closing of the service, he does not actually finance his financially, because he still has to pay for hosting Archivesideia. So instead of closing the store, they decided to disable the purchase mechanism.

It seems that the Cydia Project may end up with an end to the end, but Freeman says he plans to make a more "formal" post next week so that he can proceed further to improve the PayPal problem. Specify the road map.