Deepika Padukone cries as husband Ranveer Singh thanks her for keeping him grounded

Deepika Padon and Ranvir Singh never expressed his love with each other. See how he was surprised because he thanked him to keep his center in the last six years that he was together.

The world knows that Ravinder Singh has appreciated Deepika Padone's wife. We also know how easily tears flow. In the recently held Star Screen awards, these trends were seen by both the audience again. Speaking at the awards ceremony in Mumbai,

Deepika Padukone cries as husband Ranveer Singh thanks her for keeping him grounded

Mr. Ravinder did his wonderful beauty and announced an open announcement of his new married wife, Deepika thanksgiving and love.

He said: "In the movie, maybe I did not get my queen but in real life, I got my queen. I love you baby. In the last six years, if I've got anything, So because you have focused on me, then thank you for everything and I love you. "

If nobody ever felt, Rennifer's tagline reads 'the dream of living' on his social media pages. Naturally, he thinks the risk of starvation is life and has helped him in the process.

We took the actress after release of the film. He had won an award for the role in the film. At an award ceremony, he read a letter to his sister and his father, the legendary Shuttle, Prash Paddockon. Parents can be given to their children in the lessons of their most important life. He advised them that 100% do what they do, emotionally and always be humble in life.

It's love that both do not fail to thank each other. Speaking at a recent ceremony in Mumbai, Ravinder said that after depoting her marriage, she used to feel like a super hero and proposed her marriage. Similarly, in the recently held Nicholon Children's Choice Awards, Deepka addressed herself as Ranveer Singh Padon's wife.

This is an interesting time when any marriages are ready to make and break customized rules.