Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey to tell acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal's story

Director Mughal Gulzar, who shares this film; tells it that it will go in March and will be shot mainly in Mumbai and Delhi.

Mega Gallaser is present in Delhi for its next directorial 'Chhapak' in a rice, in which it is a disturbing and inspiring truth story of the living lassi Agrowal (troubled) surviving the acid attack. The film is expected to go to the floor on the third week of March and will be shot mainly in Mumbai and Delhi. As the source was already reported,

Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey to tell acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal's story

Deepika Padone has not only created the film with the film actress but also Mega. Now, we have learned that Vacation Messi is copied in contrast, his role featured Lexmie's partner Alko Dart.

"The cast is slowly coming together." Viktor is this that I wanted to work with 'Raja', after that 'death death in Gun Gun'. In this film he plays the Northern Indian boy who Before he professionally used before becoming a actor, he started the campaign against acid violence, which he came to meet Lucy in real life. When I said that I If I really encourage both of them to take part in the Vatican, I have played this part. "

On the topic of film title, he says that he was killing two criminals, the Hindi word of Sulfuric acid and 'Chapakak', a sparkling sound. "Later the past stressed me and resented with each one I told him that the film is proof that the film is about to be fast and very fast," the movie said. The instrument is meant to be.

He shows that it was giant clerics who came with the idea of ​​making 'Taloor' and threw the project on it. "I thank my stars that there was a presence of my" Yes ". Again, there was a story that took me. Two different producers wanted to connect me to the novel on the screen, demanding it. So, I thought it was important to tell him. But after 'Taloor'

I wanted to make my own material and, while doing something else, I came in various stories of survival of the acid attack. They tell that the lymph It was so important that it was important for its social and legal impact.

After 'Razza', Magna had planned to roll with field martial sim manike shop, but after finishing the draft, he realized that on the subject and scale, before the movie

There may be a few outputs. Since he had a script, he first decided to go along with a stick, asked for a meeting with Gupta. When he explained his story, the actor told him honestly that he was looking at a lightweight, some of the tough films were going on in the last few years. But two weeks later,

when Magna pointed to the script, as long as he reached the end, Deepika decided that he was filming. "This was organic because it is such a story. And with this decision was made organic as it is because I want to be close to it by the whole process." Megan said.

During his research, he saw the pictures of Lucy before the attack and only a person who had come in his mind was Deepika. "But I did not even think I'd like to play this role in my most beautiful dreams. It is not easy when your face is your phone card. To agree to put on it and to yourself a movie For an acid attack is a difficult way to survive outstanding, "he added, adding that they are trying to get as much as they can, and test the prosthetics to be continued. "Due to many phases of facial

construction, the film looks different. Fortunately, we have a great idea on the board," he says. How is the lymph in the film involved? Megiving, whose script has been communicated more than two years, said that he has treated a detailed story and scriptplay with a lecturer.

The director quietly told that "he is pleased with what we have prepared." And will there be a song in the movie that will bring his father, Gulzar to the team? "It's not a matter that mutually singes songs, and it's all that I do myself, but I hope we'll find a place for some song," she says. Looking for years and a new challenge