Die Hard Trailer Makes Its Case as the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

It's up to date again! As of every holiday season, people once again discuss how to rank dead hard: is it a Christmas movie or not? Well, 20th Century Fox decided "yes.

" With their flag planted in the earth. Today, the studio released the new Christmas trailer for one of the biggest action films ever taken.

Die Hard Trailer Makes Its Case as the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Lastly, the rating of this movie's Christmas status is not really important. However, the fact is that many people have written about the traditional effects of their annual holiday tradition that a movie kills all its marks along with it.

The process promotes this holiday-locked trailer to the full-franchise's new 4K Blu-ray restaurants for the classic. Mary's Hard - The Christmas Edition, which is available on Blu-Ray, Digital and 4K, includes five five Murray Hard movies and 4 special holiday cards. The announcement was paired with a poem:

'Newcastle Plaza was a party party festivals before Christmas in the night before Christmas, but was soon hindered by the drama. Her grandfather and his men forced their way, and threw them inside. John McLean had arrived to win his wife's love. They appreciated all of them, used to welcome the Christmas day, with their favorite cats.

In addition to the original, all four layouts are also available: Mary Hard 2, a good day for Meri Hard, Live Freight or Murray Hard and Meri Hard for a Hardy.