Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson Will Return for the Sequel

Miracle Studios have found an acquaintance to direct the doctor's strange strange recipe.

According to the Hollywood reporter, Scott Derkerson beat the first film - finalizing a deal to return to the Franchise. Meanwhile, Marul is looking for a writer for script. The report claims that with the target of 2020, this project can occur as early as spring 2020.

Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson Will Return for the Sequel

During an appearance in Fan Expo Vancouver, Dr. Strangej Star Benedict Wong revealed that he wants to start the Doctor Stage 2 film at the end of the year. Between the new agreement between the Darwin, Wang's statement and another report, which soon ends production production, it seems much more likely to be a miraculous project in the film after the graduation of the non-starred doctors. .

Directed by Derkerson, Dr. Steven acquired $ 677.7 million worldwide and praised its fantastic ideas. The film, Cambridge, introduced as the Sacramento Supreme, featuring Benedict Wong, Middyson McSisonson, Chital Elevator and Tally Swinton.

Although Carrton was unusual from America: the civil war, this unofficially joined Avengers in the Avengers of the Year: Infinity War, which he traveled with Titannes with Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Dr. Avrange 4 before Dr. Strange and Wang Hope to come back to Dr. Doctor Strange. Joe and Anthony have been directed by Russia, the film's movie star Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth,

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