Doppelgänger accounts are still a powerful tool for cyberstalkers

Starting in 2017, Yel Cruzenese made life difficult for his enemies. According to his request, he targeted four people - a man and a woman - with constant continuous campaign, sending harassment spam calls to hours and more than a thousand warnings.

Until he went, he became more creative, starting a domain account, a target name and image "People of the domain are looking for me to be like a strap." He also targeted another target, resulting in weight loss programs, monthly rolling emails

Doppelgänger accounts are still a powerful tool for cyberstalkers

Unfortunately, the place of attack online indicates a fact: It's easy to sign up for things, and it's very difficult to leave. Scruff services like more users want, of course, and a strict identification test will sign up very hard.

Such attacks are often not often, so it is very easy for the victims to delete the account. With many services, it's easy to find that your goal is not, and there is no problem finding images or details to fill it. This is a permanent issue in the modern tech, and you can find you again in pursuing the issues.

Causes of cyber stocking offer a strange window on the way to the online network construction: How much pain can you create with unlimited anger and limited technical skills? It was not a matter of training Russian tools or NSA hackers.

Kyrgyzstan was IT professional, but he did not require any special technical skills. It seems that the most innovative tricks have begun making password resets and anonymous phone calls, nothing beyond reaching average 4chan troll. But as long as there were duplicate accounts, it was not needed. They all needed to do.

Before the start of this month, Karzai was found guilty of cyberstalking for two years and a half-year sentence. But when the individual matter is over, weaknesses are still out there, and by fixing it will be more difficult to catch a single stocker.